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Cashmere Collection


Some people are surprised to learn that Cashmere yarn comes in fact from a very special breed of hardy mountain-dwelling goat! The Cashmere is made from the fleecy under layer of the goats coat which is carefully teased out with a comb. During the cooler weather, the goats fleece grows, protecting the animal from the harsh conditions with its insulating properties.

Jewel Cashmere & Silk Cape

The Jewel Cashmere & Silk Cape.

Cashmere goats are usually found in nomadic herds across, particularly in Mongolia, China and Iran. There are many different types of Cashmere, environmental factors affect how fine the hairs grow. Where there are harsh winters such as in the Himalayas, the goats grow particularly fine, long hairs which is better for producing Cashmere yarn.

A single goat will only produce around 200g of Cashmere, which you would be lucky to get one jumper out of! Considering the laboursome process to harvest the Cashmere yarns, and that you might need up to 3 goats each year for enough yarn to knit a single garment, its no wonder that the price for this yarn is high.

Cashmere yarns create a lightweight, insulating fabric that resists pilling, making it a popular choice for winter under layers without feeling too bulky. We have used it in our Cape collection, pairing it with the Silk yarns to create beautiful colour combinations.



We use a high quality yarn, spun at the Todd and Duncan, Loch Levan mill. So far, the Cashmere collection has been very popular, we are excited to start incorporating more Cashmere into the collection.