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A word from Bill, June 29th 2020

Bill Baber Workshop

Dear friends,

As we look ahead to a post Covid19 world, we hope this blog post finds you in fine fettle.

Helen and I have been coming in every day since the UK entered lockdown back in late March, and have been very busy indeed doing back-shop things, designing new styles and working through all the orders placed online.


As you can imagine the website has been a lot busier over the period as most fashion firms have reported, and as it’s been a worldwide event we have been taking orders from abroad as well as from here.

Our Free Shipping Worldwide offer was well received and has encouraged a lot of new buyers to take the plunge into the ever developing Bill Baber Knitwear collection.


Here in the shop we are now all ready for our customers to come in and browse safely. The leaf doors at 66 Grassmarket will be open from Monday June 29th, and we can happily handle 4 unconnected people at a time here which is about our average load of customers although there may be a bit of a wait if we do get unusually busy,  and will be managing that at the door.

Bill Baber Knitwear at 66 Grassmarket

Bill Baber Knitwear 66 Grassmarket

We will be reducing our usual hours down to 9am – 4pm daily, Monday through Saturday, closed on Sunday. We hope to be back to our normal 7 days a week and longer hours shortly.

We have reorganised the already quite roomy shop area to make it a walk-round area. We ask visitors to hand-sanitise with the dispenser we have by the door so that they can touch and try on the garments, and we have disposable facemasks and gloves for anyone who feels they would like to use them. Anything that is tried on is put into quarantine and then has a high temperature steam press before being returned to the rails.

The card machine is regularly sterilised and we the staff are now adept at handling all the equipment, bags and hangers.


Normally in March we would have been changing into our Summer collection so we are there right now,  showing in the shop as we open on Monday 29/6/20.

We have lots of lovely lightweight linen tops and dresses using the brighter colours, more white and ecru, our lovely soft light greys and cool sage. Plainer garments as well as the patterned. Styles to wear now are the linen tops – sleeved Alto, Pico, Alex, Oban, Kelp and Long Ivy, and sleeveless Shells and Ashers.

Pico colours at the studio

Pico colours at the studio


Things to look out for in the shop: our new styles that have not gone online yet, come and see the lovely Ettrick sleeveless top and the pretty, new long and short Pina top and dress.

At the same time – in production terms, not far away – we are now working with an eye on the gorgeous Autumn colours to come, with some exciting new colours and shapes. We have started to use linen with merino wool together which gives a very comfortable new weight for us – look out for Crail (which is available online now) and Heather (which is not).


By the way what do we think about a range of dresses for two-to-three year old young ladies and tops for young gents, we have some good ideas here if we think there might be any interested grandparents looking to buy a very special gift! Email us if you are interested


We know you may still not be able to come in and see us, what with all the cancelled trips and difficulties getting around, so we are trialing some online solutions.

If you like, from now on you will be able to get a call back from us to show you what we have in the shop on Facetime, WhatsApp or Zoom, check out our social media for access to that or drop us an email or a phone call, we will be very happy to arrange a Virtual Visit, a VV with BB could be a lot of fun!


Bill and Helen in 2019 in our Edinburgh Grassmarket workshop

Bill and Helen in 2019 in our Edinburgh Grassmarket workshop

Hope to see you in store soon!

Lots of love from Bill, Helen, Jack & the team