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Gift Vouchers Available Online Now!

Its been a long time coming, but here they are.

Gift Vouchers from Bill Baber Knitwear are available online now.

We have them in three varieties to suit your budget and ambitions! £20, £50 and £100.

£20 Gift Voucher

£20 Gift Voucher

£50 Gift Voucher

£50 Gift Voucher

£100 Gift Voucher

£100 Gift Voucher

You can of course mix and match to add up to whatever total you like, and if you have any special requests then just ask us and we will try to be compliant.

How do they work? Easy really.

Browse the Gift Voucher category online, you’ll see it has three items in there listed as if they were regular products. You select the one you want and add it to your shopping cart. If you want £200 then simply add 2 x £100 vouchers. You can always add and subtract vouchers in the shopping cart area if you want to make an adjustment.

These are not physical vouchers that we have printed out in a box in the basement. They are unique digital vouchers which we will create and email to you after you have completed the transaction online. Please be patient, if you are ordering online outside of office hours, we wont be able to create your vouchers immediately so they may arrive in your inbox the following day or after the weekend. If you need them urgently (i.e. you forgot that today was Aunty Petunia’s birthday? oops!) then best give us a call in the shop and we will do our best.

Once you have the vouchers you can print them off at home, or bring them in on your phone to save the trees. We don’t need the printed copies, we are only interested in the unique code each one contains.

The Gift Voucher Code. Each voucher will have a unique reference number on it, these can only be used once and are for our records only. All we really need is the code, so you can hand write it on a card inside Aunty Petunia’s gift if you like. If you lose everything else, we will of course have your email and order on the system so can always check. Don’t panic.

The vouchers will automatically expire after 1 year, which we think is plenty of time to pass it on and for someone to find a gift they love. If that doesn’t work for you, then get in touch and we will see what we can do.

They work in our shop at 66 Grassmarket, and of course online.

If you want to use a Gift Voucher online, just enter the unique reference number in the Coupon box at the end of check out. You cant miss it.

It is of course possible to buy multiple vouchers online for multiple recipients, for example if you have three cousins and wanted each to have a voucher, that’s fine. Just let us know in the order details when you check out. Something like “voucher 1 is for Lucy, voucher 2 is for Helen and voucher 3 is for Jack” if we are confused, we will email you!

Any questions? Just ask….