How do you make Linen Yarn?

  Linen has been cultivated from Flax for at least five Millennia. Linen weaving can be seen in the ancient egyptian paintings dating back to 3,000BC. In fact it was a finely spun line yarn cloth which was used to wrap mummies. It has been a cool and comfortable fabric to wear in the middle [...] Continue reading »

The Celtic Knot

The decorative interlaced patterns that we recognise today as Celtic Knots had their golden age during the Roman empire.  Traces of Celtic art can be found to date many hundreds of years before the Romans and the designs have spread far across Europe from Ireland to Turkey. Today few aspects of Celtic culture are more evident than the Celtic Knot designs, thought

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🐑 The Amazing Benefits of Wool

    For the past 40 years of the business, we have used natural fibres to create our garments and wool has always been a favourite. Wool has a range of desirable properties which make it a valuable material for many different purposes. Not only is it soft and comforting, but clever too! 🐑  Temperature

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