🍀 Katie’s Workshop Visit!


Katie, of Maggie Casey’s Celtic Treasure, visited us at our Workshop during the summer. We gave her a tour of our shop and the Edinburgh Old Town over a beautiful sunny weekend! We are familiar with Katie via social media as she is the go-to model for the Maggie Casey’s store!

Maggie Casey’s is a store we have been stocking for a wee while now. They can be found on Main Street, Smithfield, Virgina. Specialising in Books, Knitwear, Jewellery and other gifts, all their products are sourced from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We especially love the Jewellery they stock by Heathergems and Amethyst Dublin!

Helen took her through the process of creating a Linen Cape, in a colour of her choosing. Bill was able to show off the beautiful sunny garden he takes care of at the back of our Workshop.

If you ever find yourself in Virginia, we recommend a visit to this charming shop!

Cashmere Collection

  Some people are surprised to learn that Cashmere yarn comes in fact from a very special breed of hardy mountain-dwelling goat! The Cashmere is made from the fleecy under layer of the goats coat which is carefully teased out with a comb. During the cooler weather, the goats fleece grows, protecting the animal from [...] Continue reading »