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Made in Scotland: Knightingale Crafts

We’ve joined forces with the wonderful Jamie and India at J. Boult Designs to reach more businesses who are designing and creating in Scotland for our Made in Scotland blog series. This month’s spotlight is on Knightingale Crafts which is owned and run by Jamie, who is based in Fife. Jamie makes beautiful wooden decorative pieces inspired by Scotland and the natural world around him.


How did your business get started?

I got started in my current business after moving back to Scotland from Canada where I was farming fresh-cut flowers. During the winters in Canada, when the farm was under three feet of snow, I got into pyrography (decorating wood and damp leather with burn marks, also known as pokerwork). So when the opportunity to take on an ‘open-studio’ workshop came along, I couldn’t resist. I started woodworking, making small items of furniture and pyrography artwork and house signs. Eventually I invested in a laser engraving machine in order to grow the business. I started experimenting with the cutting facility of the machine and one thing led to another and now 100% of my business is laser cutting decorative items.



What is your inspiration?

Like a lot of people my inspiration comes from the natural world, mainly trees and animals, but anything fun and unusual gets me excited. I also love Celtic, Pictish and medieval artwork. I did start going down the Steampunk route but in the end had to put that on hold as it was so different from my main business I was getting pulled in too many different directions.


Wooden Hanging of Three Horses

Wooden Hanging of Three Horses


How do you make the products?

I start with initial drawings, photos and designs and then upload them onto the computer where I format and adjust so they can be used by the laser machines. I use FSC certified birch or poplar plywood, made specifically for laser cutting, and apply Danish oil. During the laser cutting there can be a lot of adjustment depending on the thickness and quality of the wood and the intricacy of the design. After engraving / cutting my designs I then hand finish them by sanding and adding painted highlights and any other final details.


Stacking games

Stacking Games


What is your favourite product that you make?

I have two favourite products; ‘Scotland in Your Pocket’ which was fun to design and works great as a decoration, and the ‘Three-Hares’ wall hanging which has an ancient history but I really enjoyed playing with the design to make it my own and I love the simple beauty of it. Plus anything I get to add gold highlights to since I do like a bit of bling!


Scotland in your pocket

Scotland in your pocket, a stacking game. Jamie says it was fun to design and is a lovely decorative piece as well.

What part of Scotland are you based in? And what do you love about your local area?

I live in Fife which is great as I love the coastline and it’s wildlife, and am near the historic places of Dunfermline and Culross. I am also close to my family in the Scottish Borders, within easy travel of both Edinburgh and Glasgow, and also near Stirling – the ‘Gateway to the Highlands’, so completely spoilt for inspiration.

Scottish Borders



Thanks so much to Jamie for chatting with us and to everyone at J Boult Designs for all their help. Check out Jamie’s work by visiting his website: