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Bill Baber Knitwear meets Skaramanda Brooches

Studio Skaramanda

Studio Skaramanda

To mark the release of a select collection of Brooches online this Autumn, we thought we would share a behind the scenes look at Maggie Lord and her work at Skaramanda Brooches. If you’ve followed us on social media or been into our Edinburgh Grassmarket workshop you’ll have seen these gorgeous resin brooches which we use to fasten our Montrose and Brora jackets or to pin our Celtic Stoles and Capes in a sweeping fashion.


Spearmint Scroll Brooch

A Spearmint Scroll Brooch

Mustard Shell Brooch

A Mustard Shell Brooch

Our favourites, and the ones we’ve chosen to stock online are Scrolls (inspired by Roman imagery) and Shells (inspired by scallop shells). Each Skaramanda Brooch we sell is a unique hand painted item and can’t be replicated. So once it’s gone, it’s gone!

The artist behind the Brooches is Maggie Lord who describes them as “art to wear” – what a fabulous description of such painstakingly crafted pieces. We’ve got a sneaky look at the studio where Maggie brings these fabulous creations to life for you as well as a glimpse into how they are sorted when they reach us at Bill Baber Knitwear.

The view from Studio Skaramanda

The view from Studio Skaramanda – with such stunning views it’s not hard to see where Maggie gets her colourful inspiration from!

Studio Skaramanda

Studio Skaramanda is newly built and is not far from our office at Loanhead, just outside Edinburgh, which is very convenient. It also means the Brooches are made in Scotland, just like all our knitwear.


Studio Skaramanda

Inside Studio Skaramanda at Maggie’s desk. Plenty of lovely light, very important when you are working on something so detail orientated!

Studio Skaramanda

A wood burning stove for those cold days when you need warm hands for intricate handpainting.

Helpers at Studio Skaramanda

Maggie’s helpers – who must be having a disagreement about paint colour….

Studio Skaramanda

The finished product; a stunning collection of Shield Wrap Pins drying on the work bench. They look good enough to eat!

Sorting Skaramanda Brooches at Loanhead

When we get the brooches back to Bill Baber Knitwear we start by matching the brooches up with our colour groups. We like to find the most stunning combinations so we can offer matching sets in our Grassmarket Workshop.






















Sorting Skaramanda Brooches at Loanhead

Luckily we have a resident colour expert, Helen, assisted ably here by Wendy as part of her internship. They make sure each Bill Baber Knitwear colourway has a good Skaramanda brooch match.

Sorting Skaramanda Brooches at Loanhead

While each Brooch is unique we are usually able to find close matches to the glorious and varied colours in our collection. Then they go off to our Edinburgh Grassmarket Workshop to be displayed, and now some will be available on our website for our overseas friends!

Maggie Lord

Many thanks to Maggie Lord. Your work is truly stunning and we are so proud to have been able to showcase your art for all these years. We are so pleased that these beautiful Brooches are now available to buy online.