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Planning a trip to the Workshop? Bill gives his advice…



Of course we don’t want to be bossy and tell everyone how to go shopping- that’s a personal thing and we all shop in a different way depending on what we’re doing – skiving off work, filling in time between appointments, waiting the for kids to come out of Dancebase, Christmas browsing etc etc etc, the list goes on into infinity. No that’s not what we’re saying, but how best to prepare- if you are preparing at all, to come in to find something nice to wear from the Bill Baber Workshop.


By the way it not just called a workshop because we make the garments here, oh no –  it’s a workshop because some times you have to work pretty hard to find the right garment here! We have 400 pieces of all different colours, styles and fit to go through so it’s not a walk in the park, it can be a serious retail struggle in here sometimes.

Well some folk will come in and just see something that just looks great- job done, but often it can be a matter of going patiently through everything here to see what works best. That’s where we can help when you come in, we can say what we think it looks like for you but that’s about it.

What we can also do is to give you, now, a few simple pointers that definitely make the process easier !

Here we go…

Mina wearing the Shamrock Alex and Oat S Dress.

First of all have a good look at the website and try to imagine the styles that might work for you. Forget the colours and look at the shapes- what might be good for your shape? What could you do with it, could it be workwear, maybe something to have on holiday, or something to go out in?


Make sure you’re dressed right- you just need simple comfortable things to wear, jeans and a t-shirt, a plain skirt, maybe leggings, keep it simple because these garments do all the work of dressing you up, they want to be the main feature of what you’re wearing, and are best with light comfortable basics.



Before you go out the door and get on the bus to the Grassmarket, (or before you ring for the chauffeur) have a quick look round the wardrobe to what colours you have, what you might need, maybe what accessories you’ve stopped using that you could might want to bring back into action- a scarf or a brooch. Just look quickly round to see what you have. That’s one up on arriving and maddeningly not being able to remember a single thing you have that you could wear the new cape with.



Finally, I know a lot of us just want to shop alone and decide better that way, all good. But otherwise do try to bring a friend or an acquaintance or anyone who will come with you, it helps so much to have someone with you who knows you and can give you some feedback. Well you don’t have to listen to what they say, but just having them say it can be a great help !

There it is –  our helpful guide to shopping at the Bill Baber workshop – any other pointers you might have to add?




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